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Parents in the playroom

Frequently, parents are asked to join their child in the playroom. There are guidelines that parents are asked to follow when entering the play room setting. Read more here

What to expect during the course of Play Therapy.

As a parent or guardian, you will play a crucial role in every phase of your child’s play therapy which, typically, proceeds through as many as seven phases. 

Read more here

Symptoms of Trauma

When something traumatic happens to a child, a sense of safety and security can be stripped away.  A child may be left with overwhelming feelings of a loss of power.  Many of a child’s post-traumatic symptoms are dysfunctional attempts to regain a sense of control or safety within his environment.  Frequently,  trauma symptoms can be confused with symptoms in other disorders - leading to misdiagnosis.  Read more here.

How to pick a play therapist.

Not sure what to consider when looking for a Play Therapist for your child? 

Here are links to sites that can help:

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