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Carol Wegmann, LPC

Woodland Park Location 

As a Mental Health Counselor, my goal is to help others achieve their life goals and live a happier life.


My specialty is working with children and adolescence using play therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and other modalities that would best serve each client to meet their individual needs. I also provide adult therapy using a holistic approach with psychoeducation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, and other modalities.


I focus on providing a safe, nurturing environment to help with anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, ADHD, and many other issues we often encounter.  Family support and counseling is something that I focus on as well. Not only do I feel the interactions and communication skills are important for helping the family grow, understanding the needs of each individual is important to develop a stronger bond within the family system. I focus on helping each member understand their own needs, understand the other member’s needs, and effectively communicate while expressing understanding and support of others.

As a clinician of individuals of all ages, I also engage with the community if requested to provide a continuity of care and help nurture success in all areas.

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