AutPlay Therapy

AutPlay® Therapy is a play and behavioral therapy approach to working with children and families affected by autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dysregulation issues, other neurodevelopmental disorders, and developmental disabilities. It combines the therapeutic approaches of play therapy and behavioral therapy along with relationship development approaches together in a collaborative model to assist children and adolescents in gaining needed skills and abilities. AutPlay Therapy is a combination of behavioral and developmental methodology that is both therapist-led and parent-led.

AutPlay Therapy addresses improvement in the following areas:

  1. Emotional Regulation Ability

  2. Social Skills and Functioning

  3. Relationship Development and Connection

  4. Anxiety Reduction

  5. Sensory Processing

  6. Concentration, Focus, and Attention

  7. Behavior Modification

  8. Parenting Skills


AutPlay Therapy incorporates a combination of directive play therapy interventions with behavioral approaches to teach children development in the areas of emotional regulation, social functioning, and relationship connection. When children can learn to self regulate, possess social skills that relate to the environments they are asked to function in, and learn appropriate and meaningful relationship connection, they are less likely to have behavioral issues and more likely to function in their day-to-day environment successfully.

AutPlay Therapy incorporates a parent/caregiver training component which teaches parents/caregivers how to conduct AutPlay techniques at home. Parents/Caregivers learn the procedures and techniques and are shown how to implement techniques at home to increase skill and ability levels in their child. AutPlay Therapy involves both the child and the parent in the therapeutic process and uses a play therapy base that is not only a natural language of the child but enables the parent to be involved with their child in a way that teaches skills and increases abilities within a positive and connecting process.

Information For Parents

AutPlay® Therapy incorporates a parent training component which teaches parents how to conduct directive play therapy interventions at home. Parents learn the procedures and interventions, and are shown how to implement these at home to increase skill and ability levels in their child.

In AutPlay Therapy, the therapist is training the parents to do directive play therapy interventions at home with their child. These interventions are typically chosen by the therapist (although parents can participate in choosing interventions) to help develop skill deficits in the six component areas covered in AutPlay; emotional regulation ability, social skills development, connection, sensory processing struggles, anxiety, and behavioral challenges. The Therapist will continue to meet with parents and train parents on implementing the interventions at home until treatment goals have been meet. Parents participate equally in therapy with their children and parents become co-change agents in helping their children develop needed skills.

Parent training session may cover some level of behavior modification approaches. This might include teaching parents how to set up a weekly visual schedule for their child, developing routine and consistency, establishing appropriate consequences, and how to implement consequences and reward systems. The AutPlay Situation Behavior Assessment can be completed by the therapist, parents, or others observing the child’s behavior. Parents are taught how to use this inventory which can be helpful in identifying what might be causing particular behaviors and what might be implemented to help decrease negative behaviors.

Parents can know that Certified AutPlay Therapy Providers have participate in intensive training and have extensive knowledge in using AutPlay Therapy.


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